RVA Core Offerings


Staff and Manage Air Traffic Control Facilities

RVA has an outstanding performance reputation for staffing and managing airport traffic control towers (ATCTs). Since 1994, RVA has held multiple contracts with the FAA to operate airport traffic control towers in the Contract Tower Program. RVA currently operates 102 towers in areas II and IV of the FAA’s Federal Contract Tower Program.

RVA employs over 600 controllers, who operate ATCTs throughout the south and southwest portions of the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Quality Management System (QMS) Quality Assurance Services

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System with an Integrated Safety Management System, Certificate Number QSR-1148, with the scope of:

“The provision of Air Traffic Control Services including a Safety Management System to the FAA Contract Tower (FCT Program with the following exceptions:

  • 7.1.5 (All): Monitoring and Measuring Resources; RVA does not use computer software or calibrated hardware to monitor/measure product conformance. The services RVA provides can only be measured by human observation.
  • 8.3 (All): Design and Development of Products and Services; RVA does not design any of the services we perform as a result of the FAA contract. All services are designed and implemented by the FAA.
  • 8.4 (All): Control of Externally Provided Processes, Products and Services; RVA does not purchase any externally provided processes, products or services that contribute to our Quality Management System and our product and service realization process.”

Establish & Perform Training Syllabus/Services

RVA has a strong background in training.  Our first contract with the FAA was to train replacement controllers in the Air Route Traffic Control Centers. Additionally, we have established training programs that have proven highly effective at multiple Airport Traffic Control Towers which we operate under contract to the FAA.

Our training experience and capabilities allow us to provide efficient and effective training in virtually any air traffic environment.


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RVA Maintenance

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