RVA Core Offerings


Internationally, RVA provides CNS/ ATM, safety and training audits to assist countries in developing their aviation industry.  RVA  develops the legal and operational directives to meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for international aviation oversight and trains the countries’ representatives to apply these standards. We also help countries prepare for ICAO safety audits and FAA IASA audits to achieve Category I status.

CNS/ATM Procedures Development

RVA’s  procedures specialists have a thorough understanding of FAA procedures development. They utilize their experience in examining requirements, analyzing restrictions and resolving safety issues to provide the correct solutions for the customer’s ATC procedures and air traffic requirements.

Perform Obstruction Evaluations

RVA offers services in evaluating proposed obstructions and the effects of existing obstructions in relation to procedural changes and/ or construction projects. Among the services provided are: evaluation for the effects on the navigable airspace, electromagnetic radiation effects of air navigation facilities, line of sight view of all runways, taxiways and traffic patterns from the control tower and the effect on approach lighting systems.

CNS/ATM Airspace, Safety Studies and Analysis International and Domestic

A strong element of the RVA Team is a wide range of experienced personnel with a variety of skills obtained in the federal, military and civil aviation sectors.  With a cadre of talented team members, RVA has the capabilities to promptly perform the requested services. We have the skills to ask the pertinent questions, analyze the situation and develop an accurate and detailed staff study with solid recommendations for improvement.

The RVA Airspace and Safety Staff has extensive experience in designing and implementing airspace configurations to enhance safety and efficiency of the airspace system. The background and experience of these personnel provides the knowledge to design configurations and procedures for maximum airspace utilization.

They also have the skills to engage focus groups and glean ideas and cooperation in the implementation of the final product. Internationally, RVA provides CNS/ATM, safety and training to assist countries in developing their aviation industry.

Aviation Safety Studies and Analysis

Aviation safety continues to be the salient focus of civil aviation authorities, airlines and industry throughout the world. Consequently, improving the global system must be the first priority for the aviation community. Working in partnership with individual and regional Regulatory Authorities, RVA specialists have assisted the respective agencies in meeting their international obligations as signatories to the Chicago Convention and members of the ICAO. Additionally, RVA has supported major aircraft and equipment manufacturers to insure that their products are operated safely and efficiently by their clients.

In the critical areas of aviation legislation, regulations, operations, airworthiness, personnel licensing, technical qualifications, airline certification, inspector handbooks and manuals, RVA provides expertise, training and essential services in all facets of air safety oversight.


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