RVA Core Offerings


NAS Infrastructure and Equipment Engineering

RVA has a cadre of Professional Engineers and Technicians as full- time or part-time on-call employees; all have spent their career in aviation technical organizations. We believe that well educated and seasoned professionals always provide the best value to the customer.

Aviation Support Services

The knowledge and scope of experience of our engineering and technical staff allows RVA to provide engineering and installation support for most FAA systems. In addition to our in-house capabilities, RVA has formed strategic alliances with companies that have proven experience and specialized knowledge in areas that augment our core capabilities.

  • Install Navigation and Landing Systems
  • Analyze Airspace Requirements
  • Design/Develop Air Traffic Control Procedures
  • Design/Install Communications Systems
  • Design and Construct Airport Traffic Control Towers
  • Mobile Airport Traffic Control Towers
  • Provide Radar Systems Engineering
  • Maintain Airport Equipment
  • Develop and Deliver Training Programs
  • Prime Installer of Frequentis VCCS
    • 50+ ATC Towers and TRACONS
    • Installing at 90 sites for the US Army (worldwide)
  • Army National Guard Maintenance Contract
  • ATC Communications Systems at 7 Army Airfields.
  • Equipment Includes:
    • DENRO STVS Voice Switch
    • MK-20A ILS
    • PROCOM 2000 Voice Switch
    • VOR System
    • GD CM-300 Radios
    • Non-Directional Beacons
    • NICE DALR Recording System
    • Vaisala AWOS (FMQ-22)

ATC Communications Systems Installation Locations

  • Camp Udairi, Kuwait
  • Camp Liberty Heliport, Iraq
  • Kalsu Control Tower, Iraq
  • Q-West Control Tower, Iraq
  • 55+ ATC Towers in 10 years
  • 14 ATC Communications Systems Maintenance Contracts

We Specialize in ATCTs and Flight Operation Centers 

  • Antenna Systems
  • Air Traffic Control Communications Consoles
  • Cordless Signal Light Guns
  • UHF/VHF Air/Ground Communications Systems
  • Digital Recording Systems
  • Back Up Power Systems
  • ATIS – Digital Voice Announcement System
  • GPS Systems
  • Beacons
  • Airfield Lighting Control Systems



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RVA Maintenance

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